BookGrow: Free Kindle Marketing Tools

Authors: More free marketing tips for kindle books If you want to learn more about how to get your Kindle book up the Amazon best seller list, then check out Book Grow.  I signed up and learned some great tips on optimizing my book's ranking on Amazon.  Learn great ways to get more reviews and more. Check it out for yourself at .   … [Read more...]

Need a book trailer video? I can help

Book Trailer Video Service exclusively on I was going to raise money for my book launch by starting a kickstarter project. Thankfully my idea ended there because honestly, I hate begging for money. And I can't stand it when people ask me to donate. Money is tight for all of us. I decided to raise money for the book launch by giving a spectacular service for an "I can't refuse to … [Read more...]

Review: 666 Park Avenue, new supernatural TV series thriller on Netflix

Review: New series on Netflix - 666 Park Avenue 666 Parker Avenue After the Fringe TV series ended we here at Truth Seekers headquarters were itching to find another show with the same calibre of high quality production that included a great cast, intriguing and believable characters and a thrilling supernatural intelligent story arc. Although, we enjoyed shows like Haven, Continuum and … [Read more...]

Book launch: Interview with Anne-Rae Vasquez on

Book Launch: Interview with Anne-Rae Vasquez, author of Doubt, Among Us Trilogy featured an interview me for my latest book, Doubt, Among Us Trilogy (book 1). Here is an excerpt from the article: "Among Us is a book series which delves into the world of the super natural and how it intersects with the every day lives of seemingly ordinary people as catastrophic events on … [Read more...]

Doubt, Among Us Trilogy featured on Awesome Gang home page

Truth Seekers and Geeks do a high five! We are freakin out in a good way that Doubt, Among Us Trilogy book 1 is featured on the homepage of Awesome Gang is "Where Awesome Readers Meet Awesome Writers". They are a wonderful resource for authors to get their books in front of eager readers. If you are an author, check out for free resources. If you are a reader, … [Read more...]

5 star review for my latest book Doubt, book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy

Getting ready for the release of Doubt, Among Us Trilogy this week.  I was very thrilled to receive my first review from Inkspand, book review blogger, who gave Doubt 5 stars out of 5. Click here to read review on Amazon If you want to take a sneak peak at sample chapters of Doubt, book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy, go to the official website . … [Read more...]

Project for Academic English Support Program, UBC

Video production by Sababa Emporium Film Productions Here is a video project that I worked on for the university which is now published on their website. It was a pleasure working with Sababa Emporium Film Productions again and with the great people at the English Language Institute at UBC. Video production by: Sababa Emporium Film Productions … [Read more...]

Book trailer video for latest book Doubt, Among Us Trilogy

So excited to share with you the new book trailer video for my latest soon to be released book Doubt, Among Us Trilogy 1. Visit the official Among Us Trilogy website to sign up for contests, giveaways and other fun stuff. Please share this page with your social peeps and karma will repay you. :) … [Read more...]

update on my latest novel Doubt, Among Us Trilogy (book 1 )

I've been purposely offline for the past 3 months so I can focus on finishing my latest novel, Doubt, book 1 of the Among Us Trilogy. Today, I am proud to say that I have finished 17 chapters. While writing, I have been busy watching 3 Turkish TV series, Cabudai (Hero), Kuzey Guney (North/South) and Ala Mara Zaman (Once Upon a Time). When I have time, I will try to find links to the series … [Read more...]

Almost a Turkish Soap Opera Finalist award Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2013

Almost a Turkish Soap Opera is a finalist in the The Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2013 in the Multicultural Fiction category. I am extremely pleased and honoured to have my book among the other finalists and winners.For those of you who are new to my site, here is a short synopsis of the story. A humorous look at arranged marriages, betrayals and affairs - Almost a Turkish Soap Opera by … [Read more...]

Digital Journal: NAB 2013 Interview Videos

I had the opportunity to report at the National Association of Broadcasters 2013 in Las Vegas on behalf of Digital Journal.  I had the pleasure of working with Joseph Khalil of Sababa Emporium Film Productions, the accredited producer and DP for Digital Journal. Here are the articles and videos that we published on Digital Journal. [hungryfeed … [Read more...]

Digital Journal: Canada’s new Start-Up Visa program helps entrepreneurs immigrate

Canada has done a major overhaul with its immigration program.  The latest being, a new Start-Up Visa program which is the first in its kind that helps entrepreneurs who want to immigrate to Canada  to seek financial backing from chosen Canadian investors. Here is my latest article I wrote for Digital Journal below or read the full article at Digital Journal.   Canada's Minister of … [Read more...]

Digital Journal: Les Miserables an awful adaptation of Broadway musical

Hollywood does it again - transforms an iconic musical into a laughable mess I am a big fan of Les Miserables the stage show having watched it live twice.  I also have watched the 10th anniversary cast of Les Miserables - the dream cast over and over again. The music, the singing and the performances always blows me away. Here is my latest review or read it on Digital Journal. There … [Read more...]

Digital Journal: Why such a high rate of suicide in Latina teens in the US

AlJazeera's TV program "The Stream" aired a show focused on the high rate of young Latina girls who have thought of or attempted to commit suicide in the United States. Immigration alone was not the factor. When you tie in being a teen girl dealing with parents who don't speak English and whose cultural and religious belief system clashes with what she sees at school, add in extreme poverty, … [Read more...]

Digital Journal: Sulha a look into Bedouin life, novel by Malka Marom

The latest article I wrote for Digital Journal is about Malka Marom, a Canadian-Israeli talent whose debut novel Sulha published in 2004 is now released on Amazon as a Kindle ebook.    I chose to write about Marom and her book Sulha to coincide with last week's International Woman's day. Marom is a multi-talented woman who crosses many mediums to create her art, be it in music, writing, producing … [Read more...]

Show not Tell, the biggest writing myth

One of the biggest writing rules  "Showing not telling" is a myth. This myth is spewed from the mouths of creative writing teachers. Unfortunately, new authors repeat this on their blogs without clearly understanding that this is just a guideline--not the end all commandment for writing.  What constitutes a good writer is not what is learned from a writing class. A good writer is someone who has … [Read more...]

Read an Ebook Week Promotion March 2-9

Read an E-Book Month 2013 Wonderful News: A motion to declare March as Read an E-book Month in Canada was passed To celebrate, I have discounted my books at Smashwords.  This is a limited time only promo until March 9, 2013 Get your copy of Almost a Turkish Soap Opera for FREE! Go to: Use the coupon code: ZL75A     Get Salha's … [Read more...]

Featured on The Edible Bookshelf blog

The Edible Bookshelf is featuring Almost a Turkish Soap Opera and myself this week. Here is an excerpt from the Edible Bookshelf: The Edible Bookshelf is a place to share thoughts about the books you're reading, good or bad. I love to read, but I don't want to keep good books to myself. Not to mention, I don't want anyone else to have to suffer through a terrible book. Nobody wants that! I … [Read more...]

Honest numbers after Kindle free days and book promos by Owen Choi

Uncensored - actual sales rankings after Kindle Free Days and book promos Owen Choi, author of Tendrils of Life, was interviewed by Book Buzzer where he disclosed his numbers after his Kindle Free Day promotions along with other book promos. He states that in order for the Kindle Free Days to be successful, it is important to have a minimum of five Amazon book reviews, several promotions … [Read more...]

RED Founder Jannard sues Sony featuring Justin Timberlake, huh?

I have been following Red Digital Cinema since 2006 when I first started dreaming about making a movie. I watched the Red blog waiting for the announcement of the Red Scarlet, an indie filmmaker's answer to an affordable cinematic camera. Fortunately when it did come time to film the movie, the producer had the Red One camera which was far better than the Scarlet could ever dream of being. Jim … [Read more...]

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