I’m Anne-Rae. I write, I film, I blog, I cook and I watch shows like Timeless, Stranger Things, Persons of Interest, Fringe, Medium, Supernatural and Turkish soap operas. Here you’ll find book reviews; comments on my experiences: marketing (my film, series, books), film making, cooking; and videos of my favourite Turkish soap operas. Have a seat and help yourself to some freshly baked baklava and let me pour you a cup of Arabic coffee.

Kick back and listen to the theme song for Sanawat al Daya… it is one of my favourites.
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Sanawat al Daya – Years Lost From Their Lives

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About Anne-Rae Vasquez

Anne-Rae Vasquez tackles many creative projects as the producer and creator of Fiction Frenzy TV web series, freelance journalist for Blasting News and formerly Digital Journal.com, author, film maker and web design programmer. She is currently writing Reveal, the last novel in the Among Us Trilogy series (which was a Gold Winner in the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards). Her latest work, Resist, the second book in the series was released in 2014. Her other works include: the novel and screenplay for the award winning feature film and web series Almost a Turkish Soap Opera, Salha’s Secrets to Middle Eastern Cooking Cookbook Volume 1, Gathering Dust – a collection of poems, and Teach Yourself Great Web Design in a Week, published by Sams.net (a division of Macmillan Publishing). Almost a Turkish Soap Opera was her feature screenplay and film directorial debut. Anne-Rae Vasquez is available for interview.
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Anne-Rae’s novel, Almost a Turkish Soap Opera, was adapted into a feature film and web series.

Read an excerpt from the novel, by clicking here.

Watch the movie trailer

After completing the first draft of her book “Almost a Turkish Soap Opera”, Anne-Rae pitched the story to producer Joseph Khalil who later produced it into an award winning independent feature film and web series and Anne-Rae’s directorial debut. The feature film and series have been screened at North American film festivals.

Almost a Turkish Soap Opera (an independent feature film, web series and novel) is about the turmoil of two young modern Turkish men looking for the glamour in Hollywood. Instead of finding fortune and fame, they end up in arranged marriages, illegal employment, scandalous affairs, and family chaos. Details can be found at www.almostaturkishsoapopera.com.

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