A day in my life vlog

A day in life vlog

Take a peek at what I did this summer with my family in my latest vlog.

A Day in my Life vlog series Fiction Frenzy TV funny vlog: In Season 2 episode 30, I spent time at the lake, the beach, baked and ate lots of great food with her family and friends. Spending quality time with your family and friends is important.   Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/fictionfrenzytv?sub_confirmation=1

I know I’m behind in finishing Reveal book 3 of the Among Us Trilogy. Usually writing is about taking time to reflect on things, my life and the events surrounding me and beyond.  Writing usually means solitude and being anti-social.  When I’m down and out, writing releases me from thinking about the things that irk me.

This summer, I was so anxious about meeting my writing deadlines that it actually put me in a slump– a “down-in-the-dumps” kind of slump.

After weeks of grappling with this, I realized that being busy having a life is a good thing and I had to stop punishing myself for it. I didn’t need to apologize for wanting to spend time with my loved ones. I wasn’t going to push my family on the back burner just to make a writing deadline.  Kids grow up so fast and I want to enjoy every minute of  their childhood fun.

But now kids are back in school and I plan on getting my writing back on schedule. “Reveal” release date is to be determined but I anticipate early 2016. Thank you dear readers for your patience and understanding.  If you did something fun this summer, shoot me a comment below.


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