Book Tour – 2nd stop Literal Exposure and 3rd stop Book Club Reading List

Boy, it’s been crazy busy here at Anne-Rae HQ.

Today I am featured on the blog Literal Exposure. Thanks Cid Andrenelli for dropping by the tour today. Sorry you had to come with your gum boots and rain jacket. While we we’re at it, I highly recommend you checking out Cid’s book. It will make you laugh and cry all at the same time. You can buy it on Amazon both in paperback and Kindlebook :)

In between all this chaos of traveling across the web to attend my book tour gigs, I’ve also been busy putting together an audiobook for Almost a Turkish Soap Opera. The first chapter has been submitted to iTunes and is waiting for approval. They have very complicated rules and restrictions so I’m crossing my fingers.

Thanks to all my GoodReads friends for the retweets, the follows, the likes and the shares. I am very grateful for your support.

Tomorrow, is another stop on the book tour. I will be interviewed and my book featured on Book Club Reading List.

Whew! Hope to see you there.

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