Book Tour stop 6 – Review Here – #78 on Amazon Best Seller List

If you’re following my book tour, today is the book tour stop #6 at Review Here. I am monitoring the success of the book tour by watching the Amazon best seller list to see if Almost a Turkish Soap Opera is appearing in the top 100. Since the book was launched, the ranking of the book sat at 250,000 to 375,000 in all books. However, it never was ranked high enough in a category to show up in any best seller list. That is, except for today.

This morning, I was surprised to see the Almost a Turkish Soap Opera (Kindle version) is now showing up #78 on the Amazon Best Seller list for Eastern Drama Fiction. I am pleased that this has happened and hope that it will bring more readers to find it when they are looking for a new kindle book to read.

Best seller Amazon list

If you missed my interview at today’s book tour stop at Review Here, click here to check it out.

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