How to Tweet Your Book to Top Sales–end of day 1 of the ever so amazing Book Tour

Day 1 of Book Tour and How to Tweet Your Book to the Top of the Sales List

So day 1 of the amazing book tour is coming to an end. It was really fun with all the tweets, shares, likes and burps… just making sure you’re still reading. :)

For those of you who missed the interview on Day 1 of my Book Blog Tour, check out my interview by Digital

Here is an excerpt from a fantastic article by Chapter And Verse called Using Twitter to Sell Your Book. Psst…If you like the article, show them your love by following them on Twitter.

Excerpt from Using Twitter to Sell Your Book by

“Twitter is the fastest growing social media site on the internet. Do you know how to use it to sell your book?

Think of selling on Twitter in the same way you would go about using online dating. You have never used an online dating service? Let me help.

When it comes to online dating, you have to post your profile and then you can search the profiles of other members. If you have a photo on the site, you are more likely to get interest and make a connection. 
Of course, that connection is not something rude but a friendly message that starts the dialogue.”

To read the full article, go to:

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