#14 Amazon Best Seller List, Book Tour stop 7 and new Amazon review for Almost a Turkish Soap Opera

I wasn’t in the best of moods but suddenly recovered when I found that today my book is #14 on the Amazon Best Seller List for Eastern Drama . For literally having such a bad ranking prior to the blog tour (book ranking was probably in the millions but not sure because rankings don’t even display if they’re that bad), it is so gratifying to find my book out of the dumps and a bonus of being in the top 20. It makes me think all this hard work promoting does work and should be an inspiration for other authors. Also thanks to all the readers, authors, reviewers, blog hosts who supported me throughout the tour. Honestly, without all your support, none of this could have happened.

Okay so here’s the screenshot evidence so I can mark this in my blog as a historical event. Can you tell I’m excited?
Yippee Almost a Turkish Soap Opera is #14 on Amazon best seller list

Number 14 on Amazon Best Seller List

Yippee!! Number 14 on Amazon Best Seller List…. Tickled pink!

Deep breaths, calm down… Back to earth, Anne-Rae…

Now reporting, Stop 7 of my book tour finds me at The Examiner http://www.examiner.com/article/interview-with-anne-rae-vasquez-author-of-almost-a-turkish-soap-opera and as a guest blogger at Shine Yahoo which is another whirlwind stop on my blog adventures. To add to this, I found a new review for Almost a Turkish Soap Opera on Amazon and GoodReads. The review is by Margaret Literary Chanteuse who is a top Amazon reviewer (which I’m particularly excited about). So excited that I’m going to post her review right here.

4.0 out of 5 stars You’ll be hooked, November 21, 2012
By Margaret (Literary Chanteuse) (Canada)
This review is from: Almost a Turkish Soap Opera (Volume 1) (Paperback)
Having watched many Portuguese and Spanish soap operas before I was very intrigued to read this book. There is a strong sense of culture, religion and tradition that is a vital backdrop to the story. Adel is an extraordinary character who wants to fulfill his dreams and is thwarted time and time again. The reader feels his disappointment and hopes he reaches them in the end. A numerous amount of surprises particularly at the end and with a bit of wit made this a very enjoyable read. I bet if you are not a fan of soap operas you will be after reading this.

You can find the review on Amazon.com by clicking here.

If you want to catch the guest blogging at Shine Yahoo, click here.

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