Digital Journal article of Osman Gulum, Entrepreneur

Digital Journal article on Osman Gulum, Entrepreneur by Anne-Rae Vasquez

Read my article and interview for Digital Journal on an entrepreneur who went against all adversities to become a successful business man. Here is an excerpt of the article:

Author of Climbing Mountains, Gulum writes his life story describing in a narrative all the twists and near deadly turns when most would have given up pursuing the dream. Gulum’s determination brought him through the roughest times of his life. Digital Journal recently interviewed Osman Gulum to talk about his new book.

Digital Journal: What inspired you to write the book?
Osman Gulum: Simply to pass on my knowledge to others, in the hope that they can gain something positive from it. I want people to see that my story shows, anything is possible. If I can achieve what I have, from my background, then anyone can achieve their goals if they truly desire it and work accordingly.
There has been a culture of slacking off the younger generation of today for not having a hard working ethic and not wanting to contribute to society as effectively as their ancestors have. I personally think that is rubbish. I have seen the desire in young people I have come across to get out there and make the absolute most out of life and achieve everything they set out to do. In the hard times we all currently face, I hoped this book would over some motivation, inspiration and perhaps guidance for like minded individuals to go out and do what they are capable of.

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my article on Osman Gulum headlining at

my article on Osman Gulum headlining at

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