Digital Journal: Don’t trust clones or cousins, freemasons on Fiction Frenzy TV

Read my article on Digital Journal about my show Fiction Frenzy TV’s “Don’t trust clones or cousins” and Freemasons


Digital Journal - Fiction Frenzy TV Vlog show Clones, Teleportation and Freemasons

Thrilled that Digital Journal featured my article on their Entertainment main page

It’s not easy to get on the Entertainment main page of Digital Journal. There are so many articles written about famous people that indie artists seem to not be showcased on the main content pages. Usually if the story doesn’t pick up interest in the first few hours, the article disappears into obscurity never seeing the light of day on the main Entertainment page.   Even more difficult is to have an article about indie artists featured on the homepage of the main Digital Journal site.

My article about Fiction Frenzy TV on main homepage headlining Entertainment column

My article about Fiction Frenzy TV on main homepage headlining Entertainment column

Well, I’m proud to say that my article hit and headlined the main Entertainment section, the A&E section within minutes of publishing and on the main HOMEPAGE of the Digital Journal site. See the screenshot above as proof.

So a big THANK YOU to all my supporters, indie artist friends and authors.  We can make a difference together!

“Tour of Chinatown in Singapore,” “Obscurity” and “Don’t trust clones or cousins” are but a few of the quirky and fun topics on the latest episodes of Fiction Frenzy TV VLog show.

A frenzy of indie artists vlog to viewers from all over the world in AR Films Fiction Frenzy TV show featured exclusively on Digital Journal. Two new episodes jam packed with funny yet informative videos showcasing indie authors and filmmakers were released on Fiction Frenzy TV’s YouTube and Vimeo channels this month. Fiction Frenzy TV is a reality VLog show where indie artists grapple with their day to day responsibilities while juggling the pressures of achieving success as independent artists. The weekly show not only provides insightful information about the ups and downs of the indie publishing, music and film making business but pokes fun at the artists themselves.” – Digital Journal

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