Digital Journal interview: iFilmfest app helps indie filmmakers

Digital Journal interview – iFilmfest app helping indie filmmakers

iFilmfest app

iFilmfest app

Film festival submissions are usually part of the marketing plans of indie film producers. However, keeping up with submission payments, deadlines and criteria is time consuming and frustrating. Unless there is budget for a publicity consultant or administrative assistant, most indie film makers have to track the dates and deadlines and follow up themselves. Movidromo has just released the iFilmfest app which makes the tracking of film festival submissions and information much more simpler.

I had the opportunity to interview Rodrigo Rubano, co-founder of the iFilmfest app, for Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Digital Journal: What made you want to work in/or with the indie film industry?
Rodrigo Rubano: Above all, we are filmmakers. We are filmmakers who believe filmmaking is a way of life rather than just to belonging to an industry. With that as our base, our projects are mainly focused on making the filmmaker’s life a bit easier covering the basics.
Digital Journal: How will indie film makers benefit from your services?
Rodrigo Rubano: We just launched iFilmfest, a film festival guide made for mobile devices. Developed from a strict selection of international film festivals, it allows anyone connected with the global audiovisual industry (whether amateur or professional) to meet and plan, in a simple and effective way, to send his/her film through a rigorous selection of the most respected and influential film events on the world’s circuit.

To read the full article on Digital Journal, click here.

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