Digital Journal Review I am Titanium by John Patrick Kennedy

Digital Journal review I am Titanium

An action packed fantasy thriller with an underlying commentary on social issues of today in John Patrick Kennedy’s latest novel “I am Titanium”.

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I am Titanium weaves fantasy and reality by creating an explosive story where powerful spiritual beings from different astral planes connect with humans on Earth for purposes unknown. Kennedy’s writing style is graphic and visually intense. Kennedy describes the unbelievable with a sense of reality, cleverly mixing in the dark side where unknown supernatural forces are ready to manipulate humans for their own agenda.

I am Titanium by John Patrick Kennedy

It is hard not to miss the underlying social commentary which the author subtly masks within situations the protagonist Pax, a dying teen who is given super powers by his astral spiritual mentor, encounters. I particularly liked how the writer described Pax’s love/hate relationship with his mother, a woman who cannot shake her scientific view of the world and simply be happy that her son was “brought back to life” and free of his illness. The story is filled with action, supernatural super hero events but also tells the tale of a boy who just wants to be a boy but is faced with having to save the world.

I look forward to the next book in the series. My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

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