Digital Journal: Why such a high rate of suicide in Latina teens in the US

AlJazeera’s TV program “The Stream” aired a show focused on the high rate of young Latina girls who have thought of or attempted to commit suicide in the United States. Immigration alone was not the factor. When you tie in being a teen girl dealing with parents who don’t speak English and whose cultural and religious belief system clashes with what she sees at school, add in extreme poverty, absent parents, low self esteem, all these factors can contribute to depression and thoughts of hopelessness.

Here is the article.
Digital Journal - High rate of Latina Teen Suicide in US

High rate of Latina teen suicide in the US

Read the article at Digital Journal.

An alarmingly high rate of American Latina teenagers have contemplated or attempted suicide, according to “Life is Precious”.

Life is Precious, Comunilife

AlJazeera’s, Lucy Flores is one such example. At the age of 13, Flores was sent to juvenile hall for a 9 month sentence for stealing a car. She, like the troubled Latina teen girls at Life is Precious, had a father who was never home and a mother who left because she was in capable of raising a family. Flores was able to overcome the hurdles she faced as a child. Latina teens could learn something from Ms. Flores.

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