Facebook Lookback – another marketing gimmick?

Lookback – Facebook’s latest app

If you’re feeling sentimental about yourself and want to highlight all the lovely things you did on Facebook, then you may want to create your own Facebook Memory video. It appears that Mark Zuckerberg is trying to breathe life back into Facebook with a new marketing gimmick. Why would he want to do that? Well, like me and a lot of my friends, more and more people are spending less and less time on Facebook.

His latest “LookBack” app is an easy way for someone to create a memory book video trailer of their FB images and posts. Who wouldn’t want to have a video memory book about their escapades on Facebook especially when it can be made with just going to the website http://facebook.com/lookback?  Kudos to Facebook for finding a way to lure people back to its fold.

Why don’t I market my FB author page? 

I focus my FB networking and sharing efforts on the actual FB fan pages for my work. My purpose to use Facebook is simply to reach out to my followers. For a long time, I kept my FB author page private but ran into a few snags when trying to do blog promotions with my book tour. Reluctantly I had to make my FB author page public or else lose opportunities to guest post on some blogs.  There really isn’t much on my FB author page but oh well. One has to follow rules to get things done sometimes.

What?! Lookback doesn’t work on Facebook Fan pages?

One big turn off with the Facebook Lookback tool is that it doesn’t seem to work with Facebook fan pages (which is a shame). It would have been more useful to highlight my FB posts on my fan pages than my personal FB page.

There’s not much to highlight on my FB author page but for the sake of showing you how FB Lookback works, check out the Facebook Lookback video I made for my author FB page below.

If you want to create your FB Lookback video, it’s pretty simple. Just click on the link below.

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