Fatma – Episode 1 Turkish TV series dubbed in Arabic

The popular Turkish TV series What is Fatmagul’s Fault? is one of my favourite Turkish soap operas. The story is about Fatmagul (which means Fatma-Rose) a young beautiful girl from Izmir who lives with her kind-hearted, slow older brother Rahmi and his overbearing wife Mukkades. She is engaged to marry her childhood sweetheart Mustafa, a fisherman. One unfortunate night, three young men from rich and powerful families along with their friend Kerim, cross paths with Fatmagul after a night out of drinking and taking drugs. Fatmagul is raped by the three while Kerim watches. There is an old law which states that the rapist cannot be charged if he marries his victim. In order to save themselves from incarceration, the three rich boys’ parents pressure Kerim to marry Fatmagul. You can watch Episode 1 Arabic dubbed below or with English subtitles in 7 parts by click here. Check out my book Almost a Turkish Soap Opera which is a feature film and web series. Enjoy.

Episode 1 (full episode) – What is Fatmagul’s Fault? – Arabic dubbing

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