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Birthday Dance for the first anniversary of Fiction Frenzy TV

The first year anniversary of my show Fiction Frenzy TV was a hoot. I had such a blast making videos with my Fiction Frenzy TV team, fans, authors and friends to celebrate our birthday episode and to mark the start of Season 2. I was overwhelmed by everyone’s enthusiasm and support. Really, it is beyond words for me to describe how grateful and honored I am to have such great talented colleagues and friends to share my crazy creative projects with.

Draw My Life video

After watching the hilarious Edgar Allan Poe’s Draw My Life video an episode from the Shipwrecked web series, I was inspired to do my own  Draw My Life video to commemorate the 1st year anniversary  of my show.

Draw my life Fiction Frenzy TV Birthday video

In the Draw My life part, I explain how I conceived the idea for the birthday episode.  Luckily I wasn’t celebrating all by myself (that would seem rather  “Poe-ish”).  I had special guest appearances in the episode by my developmental editor Josefina Rosado, my creative consultant Nicole Ronan, my fantastic friends, author guests and Fiction Frenzy TV vloggers Mary Ting, Christine Steendam, Adam Tarsitano and of course the lovely Cairn Rodrigues.

Read the article on Digital Journal: Journal: Fiction Frenzy TV anniversary

“Indie authors, filmmakers and artists vLog their day to day trials to YouTube viewers from all over the world on Fiction Frenzy TV, an entertainment show featured exclusively on Digital Journal.

The show celebrated its 1st year anniversary with a “Draw my life” YouTube video outlining the show’s inception and the premise for its success. Featured authors and filmmakers joined in to give their support and excitement to participate in Season 2’s upcoming episodes.” – Digital Journal

Inspired by Youtube artists

As much as I enjoy creating content, I also like finding great talent on Youtube. Last month I stumbled upon a really fun young group of Youtubers called “Shipwrecked” who make awesome short videos with interesting characters, themes and hilarious dilemmas.

The web series in particular that caught my eye was the Edgar Allan Poe Vlogging his trials and tribulations while being haunted by a high society ghost named Lenora. It is the tongue-in-cheek humour that got me giggling as I binge watched the whole web series. Trust me, if you’re an author or love to read classic books, you’ll really enjoy their fresh take on Edgar Allan Poe.

by Shipwrecked: Yulin Kuang (director/producer/writer), Sinead Persaud (actor/producer/writer), & Sean Persaud (actor/writer)

Still here?

Okay, since you seem to want to stick around some more, here is how me and my wonderful team started Season 2. Watch Josefina my developmental editor, Nicole our Fiction Frenzy TV creative consultant and also our author friends and guests as we talk about topics like Tax Time Stress and Triple Book Launches.

Grab a bag of caramel popcorn or caramel carrot sticks (whatever your fancy) and enjoy the show.  BTW, if you like wagon wheels, feel free to eat those too….

Cloe the Clone cures Tax Time stress

Christine Steendam shares her Triple Book Launch experience


Some fun facts about the Cloe the Clone cures Tax Time Stress video

Anne-Rae Vasquez (author of the Among Us Trilogy and Josefina are looking for an accountant to do their taxes.  Later Nicole, Josefina and Pinky Aquino (Anne-Rae’s cousin) challenge Cloe (Nicole’s clone) to prove her smarts. Cloe proves to be the answer to everyone’s tax blues.

Trivia:  This video and all our episodes were shot on a Samsung Galaxy S3 cell phone.

Watch our Fiction Frenzy TV authors and artists grapple with the day to day life as an author and artist. Enjoy some insightful info about the indie business and never before revealing confessions. Nail biting, riveting, dramatic and funny (well at least for the author vloggers!)

Laugh, cry, and learn. Fiction Frenzy TV is a fun VLog group of indie authors and artists. Subscribe now. You heard us. Subscribe. NOW.

Credits (also at the end of the video clip)
Developmental editor: Josefina Rosado
Creative consultant:  Nicole Ronan
Cloe the Clone: Nicole Ronan
Indie author – Anne-Rae Vasquez
Pinky Aquino – Anne-Rae Vasquez
Publishing Special Agent: Barry Magrill
1st Camera:  Dianne Mackay

“Carefree” and “Plucky Daisy” by Kevin MacLeod cc attrib 3.0 (
“Dog Park” by Silent Partner cc attrib 3.0 (

Content created for Fiction Frenzy
Creator/Producer/Editor: Anne-Rae Vasquez
Executive Producer: AR Films
Digital effects by AR Films
Film & production equipment provided by:
Joseph Khalil, Digital Frenzy –

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