Hilarious Dust in the Wind musical parody James Corden by Anne-Rae Vasquez via Blasting News

James Corden (Late Late Show) and Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) do a low key but hilarious parody of Kansas official music video Dust in the Wind. Watching the parody brought me to tears so I had to write about it for Blasting News.

Hysterically funny in a serious way

James Corden’s singing talents are highlighted in a 70’s hit music parody of Kansas’ “Dust in the Wind.” The music video is simplistic with the four band members on the stage staring into the camera. Corden portrays lead singer Steve Walsh dressed in the exact attire from the original music video with a fancy long collared pink frilled shirt and long blonde hair. Parsons plays violinist Robby Steinhardt, his hair and beard resembling an unruly lion’s mane.

James Corden and Jim Parson’s notable performances

Corden’s vocal performance is impressive as he hits the high notes effortlessly. Parson’s violin playing is passionate as he weaves his bow on the strings in perfect synch with the music while his other hand grasps the neck and fingerboard like a mop. The pair sing the song with deadpan expressions while Corden’s pink frilly shirt begins taking a life of its own, growing larger and larger with each verse while Parson’s hair overflows from his head and face all the way to his knees. All the while, the two guitarists are peering over their shoulders unable to hide their reactions to the hilarious sight.

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