Honest numbers after Kindle free days and book promos by Owen Choi

Uncensored – actual sales rankings after Kindle Free Days and book promos

Owen Choi, author of Tendrils of Life, was interviewed by Book Buzzer where he disclosed his numbers after his Kindle Free Day promotions along with other book promos.
He states that in order for the Kindle Free Days to be successful, it is important to have a minimum of five Amazon book reviews, several promotions coinciding with the Kindle free days and other marketing exposure.

Here is an excerpt from the original article:

BB: Considering the effort involved, is it still worth doing a Kindle free day?

Owen: I would say it’s definitely worth it as you can see above. I personally do not enjoy marketing, however, and I would rather spend time reading and writing. If a trusted organization such as Bookbuzzr would manage my entire marketing drive with some sort of loyalty sharing agreement, I would seriously consider it. As it stands, I cannot afford to stop marketing.

Read the full article at: http://www.bookbuzzr.com/blog/author-interviews/no-holds-barred-author-interview-how-to-do-a-kindle-free-day/

Screenshot of Owen Choi’s book Tendrils of Life during his book promotion

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