Interview with Stephen Folker, Filmmaker

Filmmaker Stephen Folker is a filmmaker who has produced across multiple mediums. He has an award winning web series; his short film has been picked up by a distributor; and he just completed his first feature length movie.
His award winning web series Castle Siege is a satirical look at role playing where the players don’t know where the role playing stops and reality begins.  His short film The Mustache Movie was recently picked up by DirectTV which has over millions of viewers across its network.

Recently Folker produced his first feature length movie To Survive which is about a post-apocalyptic America.  I had the opportunity to interview Stephen for Here is an excerpt from the article:

Stephen Folker: Ever since I was a small child I’ve always wanted to make movies. So much, that I when I was 10 I started to make them with my dad’s video camera until I broke the camera, literally. That progressed into contacting our local public access station and working out a deal where they would broadcast my short films. As I grew older, I knew I had to make a living and shifted toward photography which I still do to this day. Fast forward to 2010, a friend of mine from grade school came into my office one day needing some wedding portraits. We were chatting on the phone later that day when he started saying how he wanted to pursue a hobby and make cartoons and I added in how I wanted to make short films again. This turned into us making a few short films together and then one day I had a revelation. I called him and said, “we should make a movie about mustaches.” In December 2010, “The Mustache Movie” was born.

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