KDP Select ends on Dec 15 – Almost a Turkish Soap Opera Kobo release

KDP Select ends on Dec 15 – launching booking on Kobo

My novel Almost a Turkish Soap Opera will finally finish its KDP Select exclusive promotion and I am celebrating! Free at last! If you are unfamiliar with the KDP Select Program, in a nutshell, it is Amazon’s way of having exclusive rights to an author’s ebook. To sign up for the KDP Select program, the indie authors agrees to only have their ebook available on Amazon for 90 days. This means that the ebook cannot be sold on any platform such as Smashwords, B&N, Kobo or even as a download from the author’s website. I suppose an incentive for me to sign up for the KDP Select Program was the Kindle free day promotion. If my Kindle book is not enrolled in KDP Select, the lowest price I can sell my book on Amazon is 99 cents. Not that 99 cents is a bad thing but I wanted to see what all the hype was about listing my book for free. I had heard that when the KDP Select Program was first launched in the early part of 2012, a lot of authors had amazing results with tens of thousands of downloads with a boost in the Amazon rankings which led to boosts in sales. Unfortunately around August 2012, Amazon changed the algorithms from 100% of the value of sales to 10% (for more details check out http://www.derekhaines.ch/vandal/2012/11/self-published-authors-get-ready-youre-being-dumped/ on Derek Haines’ blog.) This change in algorithms meant that indie authors’ books who were moving up the Amazon ranks to the top of the best seller lists were suddenly nose diving and sales diminishing.

I happened to join the KDP Select band wagon just when the Amazon glow was wearing off. I participated in the KDP Free Days and did get a thousand downloads with very little promotion on my end. It was interesting to see the KDP reports list the free download numbers go up every hour. And after the free promotion ended, I only received a handful of actual sales although my book ranked in the top 15 in the Free Kindle list during the latter part of the free promotion. Once the promotion ended, the ranking of my book settled between 250,000 to 450,000. In the middle of all this, KDP authors were reporting that the KDP reports were frozen. Many authors blamed this on Amazon’s launch of KDP India and the possibility of technical glitches.

It wasn’t until my Book Tour started in November when the ranking of the book shot up to #14 in the Fiction Eastern Category and the sales slowly rose. I actively promoted, blogged, tweeted, shared and made new friends. My book tour was very fun AND it did bring me more exposure than the Kindle free day promotion.

In the middle of this, I published my cookbook Salha’s Secrets to Middle Eastern Cooking Cookbook on Kobo in the middle of November. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cookbook ranked #14 in the Middle Eastern category and without any promotion, has sold in the high double digits. I know more friends who own Kobos than Kindles so many of them were pestering me about when I would publish Almost a Turkish Soap Opera on Kobo. I had to tell them that I couldn’t publish it until December 15. And now the countdown begins. The Kobo edition of my novel is ready to be launched and will be available for sale on Kobo on December 15.

So join me in my Kobo launch to celebrate on December 15.

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