Need a book trailer video? I can help

Book Trailer Video Service exclusively on

I was going to raise money for my book launch by starting a kickstarter project.

Thankfully my idea ended there because honestly, I hate begging for money. And I can’t stand it when people ask me to donate. Money is tight for all of us.

I decided to raise money for the book launch by giving a spectacular service for an “I can’t refuse to buy it” price.

Book trailer video creation service for $5

So I’ve started a campaign to help authors create fun professional 30 second Book Trailer Videos.

All for $5. Yup, no catches, no hidden fees. :)

Check out my ad on for details.

Here is a sample of 30 second book trailers I’ve made:



Would you like me to make a book trailer video for you?  It’s really easy, I promise.

Go to: and let’s get started!

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