Review: A Song for Nemesis by Len Harper

A thrilling ride…almost like watching an action mystery thriller movie…

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

A political thriller that will appeal to readers across multiple genres, A Song for Nemesis is like watching a James Bond movie. With strong characters and a fast paced plot, I could not put the book down once I started. The story’s main character, Enrique, is introduced to the reader as a mysterious man—passionate, strong, handsome type; his background is Central American but his exact heritage is not revealed until later on. The story opens in El Salvador amidst gunfire–Enrique tries to carry his friend Sergio to safety but later witnesses him die in his arms. Sergio’s last wish is to be laid in the corn field. Enrique’s emotions over the loss of his friend are quite intense and it is soon revealed that he recently lost his fiancée only several months earlier. Upon chance, he stumbles upon a small bar looking for replenishment and rifles and is coldly greeted by Senica, a beautiful Salvadorian (part Mayan) girl, who has seen her share of brutality and violence. The unlikely couple journey together to San Miguel to Enrique’s temporary housing while on mission. He travels back to his real home in the UK where it is revealed that he is a renown controversial film maker. Through action packed chapters, we are led into the heart of the political drama. His backer, Joshua Waldo, a rich and powerful man, wants Enrique to make the movie that will unravel the secrets behind the chaos in the world. Tied to this theme, is Enrique’s quest to uncover the truth behind his fiancée’s murder. We soon find out that there are darker elements underfoot and Enrique’s head is marked for reasons revealed at the end of the book. With the suspense, also comes romance and author, Len Harper, does a wonderful job of writing the growing passion between Enrique and Senica. The ending is satisfying with surprise twists and turns—literally explosive action. I really enjoyed Harper’s style of writing—descriptive and colourful. I could visually see each moment like a scene in a movie. I appreciated his ability to weave in the rich cultural aspects of his characters and the historical and political backdrop of El Salvador throughout the story’s theme. As a filmmaker and writer myself, I found that Harper’s account of the technical details of film making quite accurate and refreshing. He obviously did his homework.

A pleasure to read, A Song for Nemesis is a novel that should definitely be added to your reading list. I look forward to more books or perhaps a movie from this talented author in the near future.

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