Review of Inquest: Book 1 of The Destroyer Trilogy by DelSheree Gladden

My Review of Inquest – a young adult urban fantasy thriller

Libby, an ordinary teenager, has been hiding a powerful secret she’s known for most of her life. Once the world finds out her secret, her life as it is will be over. A riveting story that brings the reader into the world of mystical supernatural fantasy in the backdrop of middle class American society where people live their day to day lives. But in the midst of all this normalcy, everyone has a pre-destined role to fulfill which in Libby’s case is even moreso true. After the mandatory Inquest on her 16th birthday, her true identity as the Destroyer is revealed which turns friends and family against her. Guardians, seekers, inquisitors have been training all their lives to kill the Destroyer in order to protect themselves from ultimate destruction. The irony is that Libby is just an ordinary teen girl and even the president of the United States realizes that killing her before she has committed any crime is unethical. He orders that she remain unharmed until her 18th birthday. It is two years that Libby has to figure out who she is and what her true destiny has to offer.

The story is told in an intelligent, action driven style with twists, turns and incredible emotional drama. The story has elements of teen romance which complements the overall theme as it adds to the story, not detracts. The situations that the main characters, Libby and Milo, find themselves in are incomprehensible to most people and yet Gladden is able to bring down to earth reality around the events, revealing realistic reactions, feelings and emotions from her characters that increases the reader’s desire to believe the unbelievable.

When I was 75% into the book, I wondered to myself how would Inquest end, knowing that this is the first in the Destroyer Trilogy series. Let’s just say, I was not disappointed as many answers were revealed that satisfied my “need to know” but there were enough left unanswered to tempt readers to read the next book in the series. A well written novel especially for teens, young adults and anyone who enjoys mythical and mystical, urban fantasy thrillers.

I give Inquest: Book One of The Destroyer Trilogy 5/5 stars

Recommend to others: Most definitely a great page turner and a fabulous read.

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