Soul Surrender

I found this poem I wrote 12 years ago archived on an old hard drive.  Reading it again brought back so many bittersweet emotions.  The photo of the Middle Eastern woman leaping for her freedom by Nasser Nouri is the closest image that describes the feeling of soul surrender.

Soul Surrender

Parkour Egypt

Photo by Nasser Nouri

The dawn has come
And the morning sun’s rays
Streak the painted sky, warm crimson shades of orchard rose
While the ocean tide caresses the damp dark beach
And a silent tear slides down his cheek.
His bittersweet memory
Of a father who showed his love a little too late
Draws me close to him
Yearning to soothe his soul’s ache.
Let me write a poem
And say the things I was unable to say
Which would calm the restlessness inside his heart
And remove the loneliness from the day.

Do you believe in destiny?
A pre-destined moment, where fate quietly steers your life
In a direction you never meant to go
Where reality takes a backseat to what
Only your heart appears to know.

In the middle of a crowded room,
When our eyes meet
All around us the sights and sounds fade slowly into the back.
But like this moment now,  how long will this surreal connection really last?

Somehow for me,
the only way that this can all make sense
Is if our chance meeting
Over a spilled drink
made even the smallest difference.

And now the morning sun
Has captured the sky
And we must make a quiet goodbye

But I will keep this memory of this day
With his sweet presence still burning in my mind.


by Anne-Rae Vasquez  July 25, 1999

copyright 1999 Anne-Rae Vasquez

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