Survivors rescued after deadly avalanche in Italy – by Anne-Rae Vasquez via Blasting News

Deadly avalanche slams into ski resort in central Italy

Survivors miraculously pulled out of Italian hotel destruction two days after avalanche

Survivors pulled out of Italian hotel destruction two days after avalanche

A deadly avalanche slammed into a luxury ski resort hotel in central Italy on Wednesday January 18, 2017. Reports say that 4 earthquakes with magnitudes over 5 had shaken the region earlier possibly triggering the avalanche. Guests at the hotel had been waiting in the lobby for the road to be opened so that they could evacuate the area when the avalanche hit. The snow hit the hotel so hard, officials say that the hotel moved off its foundation 10 meters causing parts of the roof to collapse.

Survivors rescued two days after avalanche

Due to the snow storm and hazardous conditions, rescuers couldn’t reach the site with vehicles for fear of causing more avalanches. Many had to ski down to the area causing a delay in the rescue. The mayor stated that the records showed 24 guests and 11 employees at the site but possibly more guests could have arrived without registering. 

Miraculously 4 people, a woman and three children, were pulled from the ruins underneath the snow two days after the avalanche amidst cheers from relieved firefighters and rescue crews. Four bodies were also removed from the site. Rescuers are still searching for the missing 20 people. Families of those missing question why it took over 12 hours for rescuers to reach the site. 

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