BookGrow: Free Kindle Marketing Tools

Authors: More free marketing tips for kindle books If you want to learn more about how to get your Kindle book up the Amazon best seller list, then check out Book Grow.  I signed up and learned some great tips on optimizing my book's ranking on Amazon.  Learn great ways to get more reviews and more. Check it out for yourself at .   … [Read more...]

Twitter to Build Fanbase Effectively

I'm still learning about Twitter and how to reach my audience. As I mentioned in my previous post, how can I be effective in tweeting my message properly is a question I ask myself lately. With more followers, how can I make sure that my tweet does not end up being noise with all the tweeting that is happening. Also, what are the best practices for tweeting. Like I said, I'm still … [Read more...]

Tip for authors: Useful hashtags

Useful tips for Authors: If you are new to promoting on Twitter, I found a helpful article and great tips from Laura Pepper Wu. She explains what hashtags are and why they are effective in sending out your message to your targeted audience. To be honest with you, it wasn't until a few months ago, I was a bit behind with using Twitter and couldn't understand how it would help me gain an … [Read more...]

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