Time Travel works in Lost TV series – Review

Lost TV series – Science fiction, time travel, drama and action

Lost TV series

Lost TV series

When I was a child, I was introduced to time travel after reading A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. I’m not particularly a fan of Science fiction but I do love the genre of time travel. The idea of being in the present one minute and then in a different time and place in the future the next minute. Or what if the present is on one plane and the past and the future were on two other different planes? Could our present self meet our future self or our future self go back to the past self and try to change history? This is probably what fascinated me to become a writer and film maker. In my writing and film making, I have the power to control time, reality and space.

I recently wrote a review for the Digital Journal about Lost the TV series (all six seasons are now available on Netflix). Here is an excerpt from the review:
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I can start a story in the future and then transport the characters in the story into the past. I can make readers or viewers believe something to be real but then snap them back to reality. If done well, the story telling itself can be very entertaining. Which is the case for the TV series “Lost” which provides action, romance, drama, sci-fi and time travel all wrapped in one. The story line is entertaining on multiple levels. Why? People can relate to the characters– seemingly normal people who end up together when their plane crashes on a flight from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, USA. The basis of the story is that survivors of Oceanic flight 815 are stranded after crash landing on a mysterious island. The writers use multiple writing devices to create a spectacular world where reality, time travel, human nature and the elements weave multiple story lines for individual characters.

Lost succeeds in turning a simple plane crash story into a science fiction time travel thriller. Throw in some steamy romance and human drama and you have yourself a winner.

I give this show 5 out of 5 stars.

To read the full article on Digital Journal, click here.

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