Twitter Do’s and Don’ts for Authors

Being new to Twitter, I find myself unsure of what is okay or not okay to tweet. I’m still learning and getting used to tweeting. I’ve been working in the web industry for over a decade so I am very comfortable with lots of forms of social media–except for Twitter. I promote my film and web series on Facebook and Youtube and proudly have a fan base of over 8700 fans. But I have always kept Twitter for only connecting with my small circle of friends. I resisted using Twitter for my professional projects. Why? I still am not completely sure.

I found a really good article that explains great Twitter Tips for Authors by Indie Author News. It details the Do’s and Don’ts for Authors using Twitter. I’m a bit embarrassed to say I’ve already broken some of the rules. :) Here is a small snippet from the article:

– Be Yourself – Not Your Book
Present yourself as person and not as your book. It might seem a great idea to take the book title as Twitter name – but what are going to do when writing your second book. You would need to open a second account for this book, the third book, etc.
Followers are also more likely talking to a person than a book.

You can find the complete article at:

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