Twitter to Build Fanbase Effectively

I’m still learning about Twitter and how to reach my audience. As I mentioned in my previous post, how can I be effective in tweeting my message properly is a question I ask myself lately. With more followers, how can I make sure that my tweet does not end up being noise with all the tweeting that is happening. Also, what are the best practices for tweeting. Like I said, I’m still learning.

Here is a good article about “Using Twitter to (Effiectively) Build Your Fanbase” at

This is a tiny excerpt from the article below.

But, you do have some issues.

Here’s the thing: Twitter’s getting a bit…stifling. Clicking ‘tweet’ and hoping for an instant throng of adoring fans isn’t going to work anymore.

Once upon a time, that did work. Twitter was hip and exclusive (like that trendy new restaurant off the beaten path). You could tweet something pithy, shocking, or spectacular and go viral, gaining you more fans than you could count, instantly.

Not so anymore. See, everyone else noticed how well that was working and wanted to get in on the action, too. Well, poop.

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