#Vimeo VLog channel – Fiction Frenzy TV (for anti-Youtubers)

Vimeo Fiction Frenzy TV Vlog channel

Vimeo Fiction Frenzy TV Vlog channel

Watch Fiction Frenzy TV on #Vimeo VLog channel

(dedicated to anti-youtubers)

Our #Vimeo VLog channel was originally born and raised on Youtube (well, it’s only a few weeks old so …lol . But as an indie filmmaker, I want more viewers to swing by my Vimeo channel http://vimeo.com/fictionfrenzytv

because… well, there are

  • less ads
  • better resolution and quality and
  • it’s a platform that is burgeoning with indie artists like ourselves

But if you prefer the land of Youtube, feel free to watch the show there at youtube.com/fictionfrenzytv . Your choice. :)


If you don’t know what all the fuss is

Get your dose of indie authors, filmmakers, artists and their fans on Fiction Frenzy Vlog Channel. Debuted on March 31, 2014  on AR Films Channel (http://fictionfrenzy.tv)

Sit down. Grab a doughnut or a carrot stick. Go on. You’re not going anywhere. Watch, laugh, cry, throw your doughnut at the screen but stay till it’s over.

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Truth Seekers and geeks unite!

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