What is Fatmagul’s Fault? Episode 2 Season 1 – English subtitles Turkish TV series

It seems that Episodes are being removed from kanal d. Since these videos are hosted on other people’s sites, I have no control of when they will be removed. This page is password protected for members only.

UPDATE: I used to have the full two seasons of What is Fatmagul’s Fault but unfortunately the episodes 24 to 80 are no longer available from the video hosting company. I will keep the videos that are still working on my site. If they are also removed from the original video hosting company, then I will be forced to take the pages down.

Thanks for those who have shown their support! I will no longer look for alternative links to videos as I have a very busy schedule and this is only a hobby for me.

Here is episode 2 of the popular Turkish TV series Fatmagulun Sucu Ne (What is Fatmagul’s Fault?). In this episode Fatmagul is found by Miriam, a local healer and also Kerim’s older sister, on the beach after the horrible rape. This drama is compelling due to the highly sensitive issues surrounding the event and how power and money can attempt to manipulate the outcome. The strength and determination by Fatmagul to put her rapists in jail is what I enjoyed the most from watching the series. You can watch the Arabic dubbed version by going to the Videos tab in the menu and choose Arabic dubbed in the drop down menu. Don’t forget to check out Almost a Turkish Soap Opera web series.

What is Fatmagul’s Fault episode 2 season 1 (full episode)

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