What is Fatmagul’s Fault Episode 3 – Season 1 Turkish TV soap opera with English subtitles

It seems that Episodes are being removed from kanal d. Since these videos are hosted on other people’s sites, I have no control of when they will be removed. This page is password protected for members only.

UPDATE: I used to have the full two seasons of What is Fatmagul’s Fault but unfortunately the episodes 24 to 80 are no longer available from the video hosting company. I will keep the videos that are still working on my site. If they are also removed from the original video hosting company, then I will be forced to take the pages down.

Thanks for those who have shown their support! I will no longer look for alternative links to videos as I have a very busy schedule and this is only a hobby for me.

If you missed previous episodes of What is Fatmagul’s Fault,click here. This is a very popular Turkish TV series about a beautiful girl, Fatmagul (which means Fatma Rose), a poor girl from the small seaside Turkish village of Izmir. The story is about Fatmagul’s rape by rich locals whose crimes were covered up by their rich families. What I love about the series is that the rapists thought they could silence this seemingly insignificant village girl but her inner strength to bring her rapists to justice prevails.

Watch episode 3 (season 1) of What is Fatmagul’s Fault with English subtitles below:

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