When Future and Family Collide – article from Publishing Guru about Almost a Turkish Soap Opera

Wow so much happening this month thanks to Pump Up Your Book and Publishing Guru

Jason Rutherford from Publishing Guru is doing a fantastic job of helping me market my book and gathering book reviews. He has been very responsive, efficient and impressive with what he’s done for me so far. With the start of his campaign to help me promote Almost a Turkish Soap Opera, I’ve already received some emails from Book Reviewers and bloggers. Today he is blasting out to his followers and networks, an article about my book http://publishingguru.blogspot.ca/2012/11/when-future-and-family-collide.html. Check it out! For authors who may be interested in some help with your book promotion, follow my blog and I will keep you all informed about the results of the Publishing Guru’s campaign for my book.

On that same note, I am gearing up for the November launch of my book tour to promote Almost a Turkish Soap Opera. It would be an understatement to say that I am excited about my first book tour. I’ve already responded to Blog hosts and answered tons of diverse interview questions. It was a lot of “homework” for me but honestly, I had a lot of fun. Some of the questions were quite intriguing, in the sense that they weren’t related to book writing per se. Some blog hosts crossed the borders into an intimate line of questioning. Thank goodness I have to time to write up an answer because I don’t know how I would respond if someone asked me in a live interview. :) If you want to find out how I responded, well, you’re going to have to check out the blog places I’m being featured at this month.

Setting up the book tour with TEN, yes TEN stops was accredited to Tracee Gleichner from Pump Up Your Book. She has been doing an excellent job of setting up my first Book Tour. Being an extremely busy person, I knew I couldn’t do all the coordination and follow up to set up such an event as I can barely find time to fold and put away the clothes piled up in my laundry basket. Seriously, there is about two loads sitting there from last weekend.

The first blog I will be interviewed as a guest author is on November 8th at DigitalJournal.com.

Join me on my whirlwind tour of the book blogger-sphere. Note to self: better bring an umbrella in case it rains… oh wait… forgot to mention, the book tour is virtual. Virtual? What I mean is, the book tour is done all online. Yes, all on the internet, on the big wide web (again, that’s how my mother calls it.) So you have no excuse not to join me.

Even so, virtual or not, I don’t plan on sitting at home in my pj’s during the tour. I’m going to dress it up, invite my closest friends, set up my living room to be Anne-Rae’s Head Quarters and we are going to tweet, post, like, share for the full month of November while listening to funky 70’s music and watching “Life on Mars” TV series back to back…and when that’s done, we’re going to watch Turkish soap operas back to back. I’ll cook some awesome Middle Eastern dishes (exotic recipes which will be featured in Volume 2 of Salha’s Secrets to Middle Eastern Cooking Cookbook) to feed me and my crew. You are more than welcome to join me (virtually) by following me on Twitter @write2film, or right here on my blog www.anne-raevasquez.com .

More details about the book tour can be found at Pump Up Your Book at http://www.pumpupyourbook.com/2012/10/03/pump-up-your-book-presents-almost-a-turkish-soap-opera/. I’m including the schedule at the end of this post.

To see the article by Jason Rutherford, Publishing Guru, go to:

Almost a Turkish Soap Opera Virtual Book Publicity Tour Schedule

Join me on my virtual book tour from November 5-30th. Book blog hosts from the websites below will be interviewing me and/or I will be guest blogging (whatever that means!) The dates and blog sites are below. I’ll be answering their most intimate questions… well, not really. But I will be explaining how and why I wrote the novel Almost a Turkish Soap Opera and how it was produced into a feature film and web series. I really hope you come join me. I promise, I won’t bite. : )

Thursday, November 8

Interviewed at Digital Journal

Tuesday, November 13

Interviewed at Literal Exposure

Thursday, November 15

Interviewed at Examiner

Monday, November 19

Interviewed Review From Here

Tuesday, November 20

Interviewed at American Chronicle

Wednesday, November 21

Guest blogging at Shine

Monday, November 26

Book reviewed at Mommy Adventures with Ravina

Tuesday, November 27

Guest blogging at Allvoices

Wednesday, November 28

Interviewed at Pump Up Your Book

Friday, November 30

Book reviewed at Mary’s Cup of Tea

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