Writing is fulfilling and frustrating

Writing novel #2 – Why isn’t it easier after writing novel #1?

Fashion Headache by Serge Lee (sergelee)) on 500px.com
Fashion Headache by Serge Lee

I have been trying to write a few chapters for my new novel Among Us but a vicious migraine has left me at a loss for words.

  • Some thoughts for a synopsis for my novel…

    Outcasts from different parts of society, ethnicity, beliefs are being drawn together. Coincidence?

    It gets more difficult for them to fit into society. Living their safe lives, they cannot ignore what is happening around them. They sense something odd in the world. Sometimes they see things… people… that no one else sees. Their friends and family can’t understand them. They can’t understand themselves.

    Natural disasters, severe weather, uprisings, global political upheaval and unrest cause instability around the world. First world countries government and economy destabilizes. Middle class families find themselves homeless struggling to survive.

    Meanwhile in one third world country the opposite is happening. Deserts turn into farm lands, abundance of clean water spring out of nowhere. Once impoverished nations, now rich and powerful nations. Their sudden richness in resources now makes them a super power. The richest of the rich want a piece of the wealth and make this third world country their home.

    In the USA, a new president is elected. A tough republican who vows to bring America back to normal. He promises to bring tough measures for a full recovery of the economy and their super powers. These include stripping down of all citizens’ rights and privacy. All people are asked to be numbered in order to coordinate food and services to the people. Those refusing to be numbered are sought out by the government, captured, brainwashed and/or arrested.

    Some characters being developed in my head:

    Andrea Martinelli – painter, activist
    Serena Keensky – helps the homeless, works at a financial institution
    Harry Doubt – web site designer/programmer for a charitable organization by day, works underground helping those being chased by the government
    Kerim Ilgaz – architect  living in LA, born in Izmir, Turkey, completed compulsory service in the Turkish army, studied at UCLA. Tries to assimilate as much as he can only to find that erasing his culture/heritage does not make him happy.
    Pierce Roshenbaum – running for president of the USA. Tough republican who promises for a safer, better USA. Some people think he is the saviour, others don’t know what his real agenda is.
    Rinaldo Ricci – wannabe filmmaker, has visions, works at a web TV studio.
    Joanna Chan – IT support at a charitable organization, knows more than she looks
    Shelley Lionheart – president of the charitable organization
    Warren Chu – IT manager for major IT company, after hours he researches and uncovers the truth about the world. He creates another form of communication that cannot be monitored by the government. He reaches out to a select number people he has been monitoring for some time.

    I have three scenes that are swimming in my head… I am going to start writing them down as soon as my migraine goes away.  Ah, the joy of writing a novel.

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