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Thank you for visiting my little blog space in the middle of the big wide internet – well, that’s how my mother calls it.

When I directed the feature film Almost a Turkish Soap Opera, we had a crew of 30 and a full cast of 40 people. I was surrounded by people who were there to contribute and support my project. Writing a novel is far more personal in the sense that I am really the only one to blame if the book turns out to be a stinker. ; ) I put my heart into this novel and if you are a fan of the web series and feature film, you will find the novel to be just as entertaining. There is so much more I could do with the characters in the book. So I hope you enjoy my posts. I will write about things that relate to my books, reading in general and tips for authors and filmmakers. Subscribe now for free giveaways and updates by clicking on the Free Stuff button in the top menubar.



suggestion for book cover

Here is my suggestion for a book cover. Amanda Todd is a teenage girl who committed suicide here in BC after extreme cyber bullying which took place over two years. This is her youtube video she published right before her death. This story has torn our community apart. I recall being bullied myself as a […]

3d book display image of Among Us Trilogy

All hell breaks loose (literally) in the Among Us Trilogy.... makes for an intriguing and exciting read. – K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite

All three novels in the award winning Among Us Trilogy now available includes - Doubt, Resist and Reveal.

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