When Future and Family Collide – Almost a Turkish Soap Opera Press Release


Friday, November 2, 2012


When Future and Family Collide

by Jason Rutherford, the Publishing Guru

Anne-Rae Vasquez’s ‘Almost a Turkish Soap Opera’ is certain to delight readers with its humorous and realistic portrayal of the difficulties of immigrating to a new country

Author Anne-Rae Vasquez delivers both comedy and drama in her book, Almost a Turkish Soap Opera. Highlighting the difficulties young people face when they try to immigrate to a new country, Almost a Turkish Soap Opera also runs deep with interwoven themes of family, honesty, betrayal, and love.

Adel and Kamil are two young Turkish men, just trying to move to America. However, like all things, it is easier said than done, and they find their journey slightly off course when things begin to go pear-shaped. Adel’s grandfather, a manipulative and ruthless man, agrees to help him achieve immigration status into Canada, on one condition: he must marry Yonka, his spoiled and obnoxious cousin.

Despite the fact that he does not love (or even like) Yonka, Adel wants to come to North America. Unfortunately for him, he does find love – only not where he is supposed to. When Yonka discovers that Adel is having an affair with his beautiful English teacher, Nora, things go from complicated to worse. In addition, Kamil has a giant secret of his own, making everything even more difficult.

Written with lively characters and Vasquez’s vivid descriptive prose, Almost a Turkish Soap Opera is already garnering huge praise from fans. It is being called “difficult to put down”, especially when “the drama goes into full swing”. Additionally, Almost a Turkish Soap Opera has been made into a feature film, the directorial debut of author Vasquez, and is also a popular web-based series. Readers will love this tale of two young Muslim men trying to create a life for themselves in the West, and will no doubt search out both the film and the web series, anxious for more of these colorful characters and their lives.

Anne-Rae Vasquez


Anne-Rae Vasquez is the author and screenwriter for Almost a Turkish Soap Opera. She composed the collection to focus on the challenges that people face when trying to immigrate to a new country.  Anne-Rae was learning different cultures and became a fan of the Turkish soap opera. Her other works include the Among Us trilogy, and Teach Yourself Great Web Design in a Week.

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